Thursday, 23 July 2015

7 months later, 16 July 2015

Seven months have flown by since Daryl’s surgery. Needless to say, we were all eager to walk into Prof. Kwan’s office to hear his thoughts on Daryl’s progress. It was a less busy day at the hospital, so things went smoothly and quickly. All is well – Prof. Kwan is extremely pleased with Daryl’s recovery and basically said, “We’re done.” Life goes back to normal for Daryl and he can resume his active lifestyle again. Sports that engage in extreme physical contact is a no-no, and doing sit-ups is a no-no too! Besides that, it’s all good.
In these past few months, we have come across a number of cases reported in the newspapers regarding scoliosis surgeries that had gone horribly wrong, rendering the patient a tetraplegic. Our hearts skip a beat every time and three things happen – firstly, the thought that it could have been Daryl; secondly, our hearts overflow with praise and thanksgiving to God and to Prof. Kwan’s medical team for the success of Daryl’s surgery, and thirdly, we say a prayer for that patient and his/her family.
Even though Daryl’s journey has not been easy, we can say beyond a shadow of doubt that we have been blessed. We did not walk it alone – we neither cried nor rejoiced on our own – we have a community spread all around the globe that took every step with us; and a Lord and Saviour who gave us unceasing strength and grace for the journey. All praise and glory to God from whom all blessings flow.