Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas Day

Our family in September 2014

Merry Christmas! For Daryl, the scoliosis surgery is the most memorable Christmas present thus far... We see daily improvement and rejoice that he is recovering so well. On Christmas morning, we had a quick breakfast and headed to church to attend the Christmas service. Although we would have liked to have stayed for the entire service, he felt quite tired midway, so we headed home after an hour or so.

After having a quiet lunch at home and opening his Christmas presents with Hannah, some friends from youth group dropped in to bring some Christmas cheer to Daryl. We were so blessed to see so many bright and smiling faces come by to just hang out with him. Daryl, as always, enjoyed the friendly banter, chuckling quietly to himself ever so often, even though he rarely contributed to the conversation.

By the time the guests left, he took some time to rest, watch a movie, and then it was off to a Christmas dinner party. We noted a hearty appetite and the effort he made to join in some of the games. Three hours later, we headed home - the longest time he has had out-and-about.

It is remarkable to think that 10 days ago, he was lying flat on his back after surgery, and it was a tremendous effort for him to make even the slightest move. The truth of Jesus being Emmanuel, God with us, comes to us again and again as we see Him walking with Daryl on this journey. Thank you for your ongoing prayers for his recovery. We are witnessing daily the answer to those prayers!

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