Friday, 19 December 2014

Post Surgery Day 3, 18 Dec 2014

Believe it or not, Daryl has been discharged from the hospital... We weren't too sure for a while if today would be the day, but he's home with us now! There's still a lot of pain and discomfort - the walk from the hospital to car, the drive back to the apartment in the car, and walk from the car to the apartment - was almost beyond what he could bear, yet he mustered enough strength to pull through. 

While initially it was the muscle pain that bothered him, today it was the gas in his stomach that was bothering him - a common occurrence for most patients after having gone through an operation under general anaesthesia. One can feel quite helpless watching a child struggle to cope with so much pain and discomfort, and while we do feel sorry for him, a pity party was not the order of the day. We felt it was more important to get his eyes focused on the goal, and to rally up a fighting spirit. So, in as many ways as was possible, we tried to get the message across to Daryl - if you want to get out of the hospital, then you'll have to work at it; so let's get up and walk! And as you can surmise, it worked - but the whole family is feeling pretty tired! 

When Prof. Kwan finally came in the evening and gave Daryl the green light to be discharged, he shared a before/after photo with us that caused us to again well up in praise to God for His goodness, and for bringing us to this excellent medical team under Prof. Kwan's leadership. 

There is a big board in the ward on the 9th floor of the East Tower at University Malaya Specialist Centre, and it is filled with photos of scoliosis patients who have been given a better quality of life because of this medical team. Every few months, the photos are updated because more and more people have come, and are coming, under their care. The team's skill and dedication is deeply heartwarming and encouraging - thank you, Prof. Kwan, Prof. Chris Chan, Dr. Shahnaz and the rest of the medical team whom we may never know by name - you have blessed Daryl beyond measure.


  1. Praise the Lord and give glory to Him for a successful surgery! Thank you for sharing Daryl's journey. My family and I are inspired by his strength, courage and positive outlook throughout this experience. God bless all of you and Merry Christmas.

  2. Hi Daryl,
    Glad that you have arrested your scolio curve!...BTW yes indeed by God grace that you are being lead to the right spine doctor, however recovery process, to bind yourself to the titanium is the patient responsibilities..

  3. I awe your strength Daryl. Your very inner strength seem to have helped overcome your outer pain and other things. Great job Daryl! 3 days ago when I read about your after surgery post, I had to chuckle over with your "Titanium", and then moment later tear down with you with your "I did it, didn't I". Yes, you did it. Praise the Lord for such amazing doctors and medical team provision. Medical skills are pretty amazing, aren't they. Though it seems like you are putting efforts in walking on your own etc., please be spoiled by helping loving hands around you and rest very well. Praying with you for quick recovery. You are doing amazing!

  4. Hi guys, Daryl here, thank you so much for praying for me, its so encouraging!! Recovery is going very well, praise God!!!